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Prayer request(s)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Many thanks for Your Love and Mercy. Thank You for Your Son who came to save us.
I come now asking for Your divine intervention in several matters.
Please Dear Lord I ask You to shine Your Light of Healing, Love and Mercy down upon Steve. I don't know Steve very well Dear Lord but You do. You know he is sick and needs Your healing. I ask if it is Your will that he survive that You will heal him. Prayers also for his wife Denise. Send Your Light of Comfort and Love to her Dear Lord. They both need You desperately now. I ask also that You send them strength to deal with this and that they stay strong in their faith in You. I pray they will stay strong and continue to know that without You they can do nothing.
Dear Merciful Lord, I also ask for Your help in staying strong. I pray that I may and will stay strong and faithful. You know my financial situation is not so great right now. I realize I am not the only one in this situation. You know this as well. Please Dear Father, I need a job. A source of income. I know You will provide in any event. I pray that I can accept Your will no matter what that may be. I also realize there may be many dark days ahead, not just for me but for many others. Again- Your will be done Lord but I just need to remember to Keep the Faith and keep Believing in You, no matter what happens.
Heavenly Father- I ask these prayers and prayers for so many others. You know who they are Dear Lord. Please send your Love and Mercy down upon us. I ask all of this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank You Lord. Amen
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