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prayer request

I'd appreciate prayers from this community.. here is the post and situation.
Thank you and blessings:

Well here I sit, the day before I am meeting with my boss.   Some of my journal friends have followed the sad events of recent... yet too they date back a few years.  I have not only had my mail breached, yet too my office and there have been other sad acts, and previous attempts to discuss this with her.  I have hard evidence of some acts, soft of others, and she is merely suspected but the only one with motive for the other acts. . .. I admit, this has caused me much stress as traditionally I get along so well with others, including supervisors, yet clearly there is a sense of competition (from her) that has brought much stress. 

So tomorrow I meet with her for goal setting.  It is ironic as she is only my supervisor in "name" as we hold the same class of professor, I have a higher degree, and I actually chaired the committee that originally selected her.  I think highly of much of her work, yet cannot deny there is a true tension there and she has had recent sad and hurtful acts for which she doesn't know that I do know she is the one. ...  So my prayer requests are for wisdom.  On the one hand I feel as though I should talk with her in stern firmness in hopes this all goes away, on the other hand, if I do so, others become involved and this could temporarily cause stress and sadness beyond the two of us.  ... So my dilemma is in the response.  My emotions aren't at the high stress level they were two weeks ago, yet too, I admit, I know not what to do.  This morning I am taking the rare and unusual step of attending a church I regularly visit (not the one we are members of).  I plan to go up for prayer in hopes of hearing kernels of wisdom from the Good Lord and from others in the Christian community.  ....   Its funny how life brings hills and valleys, ... sometimes both at the same time!

I pray these sad and hurtful acts end
and I pray I may have a kernel of wisdom
and that the Good Lord will guide me
and hold me in His arms
and always...

and may God hold any journal friend who stops to visit
and surround you with peace...

"Each morning is a fresh beginning.  We are, as it were, just beginning life.  We have it entirely in our own hands.  And when the morning with its fresh beginning comes, all yesterdays should be yesterdays, with which we have nothing to do."  (quoted and photo from the conscious living foundation)

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