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Power of Prayer

Prayer requests for all religions

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Be respectful.
We are a community about prayer. Please do not join us merely for the sake of promoting your community/website. Thank you.

Welcome to power_of_prayer.

We are a community for prayer requests as well as a group of LJ users who pray for the requests which others post. Unlike other LJ prayer request communities, we are open to all religions. Whether you're Buddist, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Wiccan... it doesn't matter. The common link between every member here is prayer. If you have a problem with other religions then this community is not for you.


1. Be respectful of religions, beliefs, and practices which may differ from your own.
2. Be respectful of others in general. This includes keeping your mouth shut if you happen to think someone else's request is stupid, etc.
3. No arguing! We are a peaceful and spiritual community.
4. Stay on topic. Plugs for other religion-based communities are welcome, but plugs for your new community on your favorite band are inappropriate here. Any posts that the moderators feel are off-topic will be deleted.
5. If you've added a request, please post when you feel that this is no longer a subject in your life which needs prayer.
6. Not really a rule, but: If you have a problem with another member, there's something you'd like changed, or you have suggestions in general, contact in_a_fairy_tale.
7. Before reporting abuse within this community to LJ, please contact one of the above moderators. We wish to keep this community as calm as possible, which means that if someone is harrassing you, allow us to block them from the community before you risk getting them banned completely from LJ, no matter how much they may deserve it.
8. Breaking of the above rules will be reacted to with warnings and/or banishment from the community.

While a rule cannot be made that you have to pray, it's asked that you please do; Without people praying for the requests in the community, there would be no point in having it in the first place.

Blessed be,